ShelterBox Canada

LaraBella Jewelry wants to give back to those who struggle and are in need around the world. In 2019 LaraBella is donating 5% from the profit of each sale to this outstanding relief organization, 2019 wil be our third  year supporting ShelterBox

ShelterBox - Whats in a Box

ShelterBox responds to disasters around the world by providing emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to help families trying to survive in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. 

2016 - ShelterBox Deployments 

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Philippines - "Category 4 Typhoon Melor caused catastrophic damage". 


Fiji - "Cyclone Winston caused widespread devastation on the islands of Fiji".


Equador - "7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed 659 people and injured almost 28,000".


Sri Lanka - "Landslides caused by the worst flooding in 25 years"

Current Deployment

Haiti - "Category 4 storm has hit some of the region’s most vulnerable areas, including Haiti, which is still recovering from the catastrophic earthquake in 2010"

Stephanie Christensen, Executive Director of ShelterBox discusses Hurricane Matthew and ShelterBox's response in an interview with CTV International.   

ShelterBox Canada Board Chair, Kent Fraser on CTV Calgary discussing ShelterBox's response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.